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From the Principal's Desk
Principal's Desk

The ABCs of School Success

School success begins at home! While your child is learning his/her ABCs, 123s, and much more, he/she can get the year off to a great start with these other ABCs. 

Attend every day 

More time in class=more learning. Help your youngster attend school regularly by scheduling doctor appointments and family vacations outside of school hours. Also, he/she can cut down on sick days by eating his/her fruits and vegetables, washing hands often, and getting plenty of physical activity. 

Be organized 

Forgotten homework? A backpack that doubles as a black hole? Good organizational skills prevent those problems. Together, brainstorm ways for your child to get—and stay—organized. Help him/her use the special eagle folder for bringing home and returning homework and use a zipper bag to store pencils and other supplies. 

Check in daily 

Designate a time each day to sit down with your youngster, talk about what he/she did in school, and review papers he/she brought home. You might read a story he/she wrote or look over his/her math test. This simple routine shows him/her that you care about what he/she’s learning. Plus, you’ll notice where he/she’s doing well or if he/she’s struggling with anything so you can follow up with his/her teacher.♥ 

Yours in learning,

Principal Knox

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